Buy the book

You can purchase 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know now at at — or go through Amazon and other online distributors and give them a cut of the action.
You pay the same price. (Guess which option we prefer?)

4 Responses to Buy the book

  1. Alain Marsol says:

    Thanks for the truffles!

    What about all translators out of the U.S. who can’t buy at Lulu, and have no need to give Amazon a cut and wait for the physical book?

    Is there any PDF eBook purchasing (and downloading) option?

    • Ah, but translators outside the US *can* buy at Lulu — for one thing, you can select your “store” at the Lulu site, each store being in fact a country. But you can also order from a “store” in a different country (and given Lulu’s tendency to offer “special promotions” of one type or another for orders placed through that country, it can make sense to shop around).
      In a general way, the Lulu print-on-demand system is based on agreements with partner printers in a large number of countries. I’m based in France, for example, and when I order books here they are printed by a printer in Paris or Nantes who receives pdfs of the cover & content, then simply prints, binds and ships.
      If I want twenty books shipped to a group in, say, Portugal, I place my order on line, the pdfs are sent to a Portuguese printer, and a week later the books arrive at the address provided in Portugal. So there shouldn’t be a problem.
      No plans right now for an ebook, although we may revisit that at some point. Do get back in touch if you have a problem ordering!

    • Irene G says:

      2020 and the ebook version is still missing…

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