A fun, informative book on translation

101 Things a Translator Needs to Know is written by a team of highly experienced translators, all with different backgrounds in a range of language combinations.

The names of some of our authors, such as Paris-based US translator Chris Durban, prize-winning literary translator Ros Schwartz and former ITI Chair Nick Rosenthal, may already be familiar to you.

But there is strength in depth here.

The book includes topics written by Janet Fraser, a former senior lecturer in Translation, translator-interpreter Hugh Keith, MT expert Terence Lewis, and Bill Maslen and Lois Thomas of the WordGym, a multilingual copywriting consultancy.

Other contributors are Paul Boothroyd and Terry Oliver in Germany, Carmelo Cancio and John Smellie in France, Steve Dyson in Portugal, Andy Evans in Luxembourg, Ian & Inga-Beth Hinchliffe in Sweden, and Norwegian translator Rannheid Sharma.

Each informative piece of advice is encapsulated and humorously illustrated with a line drawing by Catherine Anne Hiley.

This is a book for browsers, an entertaining compilation of hints and tips that makes serious points about the business and the craft of translation.

You can buy your copy now from lulu.com or from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com.

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